sri_yantgraSubtle Body, Radiant Mind: A Yoga and Meditation Workshop

with Ramesh Bjonnes and Radhika Banu Bjonnes

NEW DATE: March 4, 2017 – 1:30–6pm

Come explore the wondrous interplay between body, mind and spirit in this workshop for yogis who love the inner life. Both beginners and advanced students of yoga are invited to join us. You will learn practices to make your body more flexible and subtle for your sitting practice at home. You will learn meditation techniques to open your heart, focus your intention, and expand your mind into peace and radiance.

You will learn:

• Yoga poses to prepare the body and mind for deep meditation

• Yoga poses with breath retention to harmonize the emotions 

• Meditation techniques to quiet, focus and expand the mind 

• The number one secret to a successful meditation practice

• A meditation technique for letting go of stress and addictions

$60 per person, $50 early registration by January 21st.

Connect with patty to register: 865-951-6024 or email patty at

ramesh-meditationRamesh Bjonnes has been teaching yogic meditation for the past 35 years. He lived in India and Nepal in the 1980s learning directly from the traditional teachers of yoga and Tantra. He is the author of two books on yoga, Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit (InnerWorld) and Tantra: The Yoga of Love and Awakening (Hay House India). Tantric scholar and Professor of Religion at the University of Rochester, Douglas Brooks, says that “Ramesh Bjonnes is an important voice for the study of living Tantra.” Ramesh is the co-founder of the Prama Institute outside Asheville, NC, where he lives and teaches.

radhika-photoRadhika Banu Bjonnes is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher with a personal, caring, and friendly style of imparting her lessons. Radhika is part of the growing “slow yoga” movement, and believes that a gentle yoga practice reaches deeper, makes us calmer and stronger. She taught yoga at the esteemed Ananda Marga Yoga Academy (AMYA) in Singapore for over 10 years. Here, she immersed herself in the study and teaching of Rajadhiraja Yoga, a traditional system of yoga focusing on breath retention and deep breathing while holding poses for a certain period. Radhika holds a Registered Yoga Teacher certification (500 RYT) with Yoga Alliance; a 60 hour certification and a 400 hour Diploma in Rajadhiraja Yoga from AMYA, and a 100 hour certification in Yin Yoga from Victor Chng.