Bilingual Yoga All Levels   /  Thursday, 7:30PM

with Helen Obediente Rodriguez, RYT

Helen’s Bilingual Yoga class focuses on the importance of breathing, in a flowing, meditating movement that keeps the body in balance and the mind sharp and aware, as well as the stillness in the body and the importance of improving flexibility and oxygen flow. She is well-versed in Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative yoga.

Helen Obediente Rodriguez is a bilingual Yoga instructor with 3 years of professional experience, able to teach in both English and Spanish. Born in Cuba, she discovered the practice and philosophy of yoga at the age of 22, when she met Ricardo Claro and began to study under his tutelage.

At 25 she arrived in the United States, where she obtained her official Yoga Teaching Certification in Florida under the tutelage of Lourdes Sanchez E-RYT at her studio OM Yoga & Wellness Studios, and her Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher certificate under Olivia Montiel E-RYT 500, with House of OM Yoga. 

Helen has had a profound learning experience under incredible professionals, and now strives to use her knowledge to teach others the wonders of the practice. After teaching in Florida at OM Yoga & Wellness Studios, she moved to Knoxville, where she hopes to continue her passion and reach the lives of those willing to immerse themselves in the beauty of the practice. 

Connect with Helen: Instagram: @helen_obediente_yoga

November 11 @ 19:30
7:30 pm (1h)

Breezeway Yoga Studio

Helen Obediente Rodriguez