Happy Memorial Day

Most instructors are taking the day off — we hope you enjoy the day with your friends and families!

Feel Good Flow with Mary June Thompson

Feel Good Flow is a class designed to honor and connect the mind, body, and spirit. Mindfully moving through a series of standing and floor poses linked with the breath, we will work on cultivating strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing stress and tension. All levels are welcome. 


Mary June came to yoga over a decade ago in hopes of finding peace during a very stressful time in her life. Not only did she find peace on the mat, but so much more. Discovering the strength and resiliency of the mind, body, and spirit through yoga fueled a life journey that ultimately led to the fulfillment of a dream by becoming a certified yoga teacher through the K10 Yoga School. Helping people find balance and healing both on and off the mat is Mary June’s passion. She is completely dedicated to a holistic lifestyle and loves sharing information with others about ways we can make healthier choices in every aspect of our lives. A self-taught chef as well as a former food writer and cooking class instructor, Mary June enjoys preparing healthy, creative meals from scratch for her family and friends. She is also an avid gardener, committed to aiding and protecting the pollinators; an amateur herbalist who makes many of her own home remedies and skin care products; loves to travel, especially to the Caribbean; and enjoys spending time with her husband and three fur babies.

Connect with Mary June via email: maryjunethompson@hotmail.com 

Slow Flow Yoga with David Morgan

A slow flow for the inflexible, out-of-shape, and anyone else. Great intro to yoga for beginners and people returning to the mat from life’s distractions. We’ll create space in the body, release stress, and have some fun in the process.
$145 for 6 classes + one 90-minute Thai yoga session ($190 value)
David Morgan is a Kripalu Yoga teacher and SomaVeda Traditional Thai Yoga practitioner.  He was first introduced to yoga in 1992 while studying abroad in India, and has been fascinated by it ever since.
Contact David at david@davidmorgan.me.

Introduction to Tai Chi – 8 week series

Introduction to Chen Style Tai Chi

$120 for the 8-week series beginning May 6, 2019

You are invited to join Lao Shi (“Teacher”) Russell Sauls in the practice of traditional Chen Village Style Tai Chi. Come enjoy a unique approach to Health, Fitness, Meditation, and, at the intermediate level, Self-Defense.

This eight-week series begins on May 6 at 6:15PM. Class is limited to 10 students. RSVP by email to whirlingstillness@gmail.com

his ancient Chinese art is a unique method of whole-body exercise which especially enhances dynamic balance,  leg strength, and power developed from the core.

When mental and physical activity is in harmony with inner stillness, the Way of Tai Chi manifests as an exercise of Presence. Mindful movement expresses meditation in motion. Now the internal energy, the Qi, is activated and circulates freely. The Life Force becomes more robust and radiant.

About Master Russell Sauls:

  •  50th year practicing Martial Arts
  • Specializing in Tai Chi & Baguazhang for last 39 years

Master Russell SaulsUS Chinese Martial Arts Council National Champion

  • 1st Place – Wu Style TaiChi
  • 1st Place – Baguazhang

USKA Grand Nationals

  • 1st Place – Chinese Weapons (Bagua Sword)
  • 1st Place – Chinese Empty-Hand Forms

Russell has trained with Chen Tai Chi Master Wang Haijun since 2003:

  • All-China National Tai Chi Champion
  • 1st Place Empty-Hand Form, Sword, and Push Hands (3 consecutive years)


Russell Sauls is offers Level 2 Tai Chi at Breezeway and Level 1 Tai Chi at Balanced You Studios, 6712 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919. Maximum of 8 participants.

Private Lessons are available. For more information, email whirlingstillness@gmail.com

 Qi Gong is the Chinese art of Life Force Cultivation. The Level 1 practices that Russell teaches consist of 4 components:

(1) Ba Duan Jin (“8 Brocades” or “8 Treasures”)    

This set of exercises is documented to be at least 2300 years old. Connective tissue stiffness is replaced with youthful pliability. Helps to clear stagnation of Qi. 

(2) Dantien (“Field of Precious Elixir”) Qigong.   Major Qi centers are awakened & balanced via breath training, visualizations, & mindful movement. 

(3) Joint releases. A set of circular movements handed down from Tai Chi masters that release bound energy of the joints. 


Goat Yoga at Breezeway

During our Goat Yoga classes, we will have our five babies dressed in their onesies and diapers ready for some cuddling and Yoga! The first 30 minutes will be a mingle session, followed by a gently yoga flow. Open to all levels.

Saturday May 11th  •  1:00 – 2:30pm

Space is limited & this event will sell out!

Also, join our new Facebook group!


Kitten Yoga: A Fundraising Event for Young-Williams Animal Shelter

Kitten Yoga is back!

TYoung-Williams Animal Center logohe event will be at Breezeway on Saturday, June 1st at 1pm.

Join us for a one-hour yoga class while several adoptable kittens wander around and stretch with you! Tickets will be $20 with 100% of proceeds benefitting our animal shelter! Participants will be able to fill out adoption applications on kittens if they are interested in adopting after the class. Space is limited.

Register here: https://www.young-williams.org/event/kitten-yoga-1/



Yin and Pin: A Yoga and Acupuncture Fundraiser

On Friday, June 14, join us for a special yoga and acupuncture event from 6:30pm-8pm at Breezeway Yoga. 

Celebrating self-care, Yin and Pin will be a unique opportunity for restorative yoga followed by a gentle mini-acupuncture session at the end of yoga. Co-treating with both healing modalities is a special way to recharge and reset this summer. This event is a non-profit fundraiser is to help Tennessee Acupuncture Council (TAC) as we grow in Tennessee and the Knoxville community. 

(Informed consent to acupuncture and any questions regarding acupuncture will be answered prior to treatment.)

Friday, June 14, 6:30PM-8:00PM

Suggested donation of $30. Connect with Rebekah Knause for more information:
 (865) 207-9588 or balancedyoumassage@gmail.com

REGISTER HERE: https://squareup.com/store/tennessee-center-for-reproductive-acupuncture



Jodie Manross, L. Ac.,
Jodie Manross Acupuncture


CBD Believer Workshop

Do you have questions about the benefits of CBD products?

Anne Hack, a local CBD Educator, will be presenting at Breezeway Yoga on May 25, 2019 at 1:00PM.

She has been working in the cannabis industry since 2017 and will be hosting a FREE, informational seminar about Hemp, CBD, and the Endocannabinoid System including information about what CBD is being studied and used for and how to properly and safely use CBD products. Please join us at 1:00 p.m. for a 45 minute informational seminar followed by a short break where you will have an opportunity to ask questions and speak to Anne one on one. For anyone interested, Anne will be doing a 20 minute product demo at 2:00 following the break.

Questions? Call Anne at 631-445-6840 or via email – cbdbeliever@gmail.com.