Yoga for Healing with Lindsey Kontovich

Yoga for Healing  •  Monday at 1:30PM

Yoga for healing is a trauma informed yoga class that focuses on creating a safe, sensitive space for all students. Practicing yoga in a safe space led by a trained and trauma informed yoga teacher can be beneficial to healing from trauma and other mental health issues. First, trauma informed yoga allows students to have choices about their body and how it moves during the practice. Next, it can increase how they understand and sense their body both internally and externally. Furthermore, it can allow them to notice the present moment and how it is different from the past. Finally, it can assist students in gaining mastery over emotional regulation. This approach acknowledges that any student coming to a class may have experienced trauma, so all classes are taught with specific trauma informed principles in mind. The class is led by a licensed mental health professional who has been trained in creating the necessary space for healing.


Some potential benefits of trauma informed yoga include:

—uses invitational language 

— respects the physical space of students by not offering hands on assists 

—encourages students to begin to notice how things change and flow inside the body 

—increases self acceptance 

—calms an overactive nervous system through activating the parasympathetic nervous system

— helps with grounding and orienting to the present 

— provides skills for emotional regulation

—empowers students to reinhabit the body and befriend it again

Lindsey is a licensed mental health professional and yoga is a beautiful and important part of her self care and often recommends yoga to her clients. An avid runner, Lindsey has found yoga to be a nice balance to training and feels like her mat is a safe and grounding place to find a sense of calm. Bridging yoga and mental health seemed like a way to have the best of both worlds and after seeing how much the current research supports yoga as an adjunct to healing trauma, Lindsey began looking for a trauma informed yoga teacher training program. Lindsey received her 200 hour certification through K10 yoga school and became registered with Yoga Alliance in May of 2019. When Lindsey is not seeing clients, running, or practicing yoga, you can find her with her husband of 8 years, who is an ultra marathoner, and her two precious and wild children, Benton and Nora.

Please visit Lindsey’s website at to learn more about her class offering and if you are ready to begin your healing journey. 

Progressive Flow with Jamie Kowarick

Progressive Flow  •  Friday at 8:00AM

In Progressive Flow, students will find themselves moving through a sequence a total of three times, each flow building off the previous. In the first round, students will move through a slow moving, muscle wakening flow. The second, balance and preparatory postures are offered with the option to move deeper into each pose and try more fluid transitions. The third sequence brings breath centric movement and the peak postures. This practice will help build confidence, strengthen and stretch the mind and body, and is suitable for all levels.

About Jamie:

Jamie took her first yoga class while attending college to fill a mandatory gym credit, searching for a creative and physical outlet like her first passion, dance. In this gym class, Jamie’s initial interest in yoga started.  Once graduated and working, Jamie again longed for a physical and mental outlet to help her express herself, and turned to yoga for another go around. What she found on her yoga mat was so much more than she expected.  Not only did she see results physically, Jamie looked forward to the challenge of finding balance and strength in the mind and body.  In turn, yoga was the perfect addition to her life to help cope with stress and anxiety.  All of these factors, plus a few more, are what inspired Jamie to go to teacher training in 2016, and she feels it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Jamie brings her dance background into all of her classes, which is why she loves Power and Vinyasa yoga so much.  With each class, Jamie sequences poses together to move the body on all planes and levels to open all areas of the body.  Jamie believes that yoga is something to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously, and wants to spread her love of yoga to help others achieve their goals.  She believes yoga truly is for everyone and every body, no matter their reason for first stepping on a yoga mat; and she hopes to see you there.

Align & Flow with Caroline Munday

Align & Flow is a mindful flow (vinyasa) yoga class which invites you to connect and bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. As you flow through powerful sequences, combining poses (asanas) with breath and mindful alignment you will feel calmly challenged, strengthened and uplifted! This class is for all levels.

Caroline has been practicing yoga for the past 20 years.  She recently fulfilled her dream and received her 200 hour RYT at the Asheville Yoga Center in March 2018.  Caroline has always known the power of yoga to heal the body, mind and spirit on all levels.  Yoga has become a way of life for Caroline and she infuses that with her passion for health and well-being in her healing practice.  Caroline is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Authorized Teacher of Eden Energy Medicine 101/102, and Reiki Master/Teacher.

Connect with Caroline:

Yin Yoga with Karen Rodgers

This Yin practice brings the opportunity to slow down and give yourself the ultimate gift. The gift of creating space in the body and the mind that may not have been there before. 

Practice moving into stillness, perhaps one of the hardest things to do, as we are always multitasking. 

This challenging practice will leave you relaxed, energized, and mindfully at peace. 


I started on my fitness journey 30 years ago; Body Building, Aerobics, Tennis, Personal Training, Spin, Pilates, and finally YOGA.

I accidently fell into teaching, started training in all the above disciplines, and became a certified   instructor. For yoga specifically, I have completed two 200 RYT sessions, with a strong emphasis on Hatha, Karma, Jnana, and Bhakti Yoga. I knew, even way back then, that I belong in that role.  My desire to watch and teach and help people break through and become strong and confident are my motivation.  

It is amazing to see the physical, mental and emotional shifts that people make through exercise. 

Everything I trained for before yoga, was my preparation for yoga.  Yoga finds us when we are ready. I have tried to “gently force” people into yoga (cause I know how good it is), but truly you have to let it find you. 

Those who are inflexible, need yoga to become more flexible. 

Those who are weak, need yoga to become strong.

Those who are stressed, need yoga to become relaxed. 

Hopefully we will meet each other on the mat.  I truly look forward to it.

Relax. Release. Relieve with Jennie Berger, Elena Caicedo and David Morgan


Relax with Yin Yoga and a special blend of massage techniques combined with gentle movements and lots of cozy props. Release tight hips, shoulders, back and neck. Perfect for those looking to decompress, de-stress, relieve anxiety and stretch those muscles. Salt lamps, candlelight and inspiring music.  No yoga experience necessary.

$35. Register and pre-pay by July 31, 2019. $40, thereafter.

Space is limited to 18 people, so sign up early!

Visit for registration details and more information about this delicious event.

Power Vinyasa with Stephanie Soldano

Power Vinyasa

This 60 minute Power Vinyasa flows through foundational poses to strengthen the body and the mind. Connecting the breath with movement and intention. This power flow will build endurance, strength, balance, and allow the body to move freely with fluidity. It will allow a healthy release of tension, and you will develop a positive means to channel your energy within. You will find challenge and deepen your practice physically and emotionally. You will practice skills to utilize on and off your mat. So, take one moment of each day to honor your body.

Stephanie received her 200 RYT certification through K10 Yoga School at Unity Yoga Studio . Embracing all that the practice of Yoga has shown her thus far on and off the mat. Currently, her passion in the physical Asana practice lies in Flow, Power Flow, and Vinyasa Flow. However, as she continues her education she plans to diversify her guidance. Overjoyed to continue her education in accordance with Yoga Alliance, she is enrolled in the Advanced 300 hr training. Honored and excited to guide safe, mindful, and embodied experiences to come.

Connect with Stephanie via email:

See Stephanie’s full bio here.

Flow into Motherhood – Prenatal Yoga with Gina Baker

This class is a great opportunity to connect and weave together a support system with other Mammas. We will explore the different changes and embrace body awareness. The yoga poses and connecting with your breath deepens the ability to respond in the moment to help relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, as well as expand on the joy and excitement of this special time. This prenatal yoga class will help you gain the confidence, strength, and endurance while better preparing you for labor and delivery.

Drop-in at $15 or each student can purchase a Breezeway class package


• Strengthens immune system

• Increases energy and flexibility

• Facilitates deep relaxation

• Reduces stress

• Aids in focus

• Creates support for family

• Eliminates discomfort

• Strengthens the body

• Helps to adapt to changes in the body through body awareness

• Elevates natural feelings of well-being

• Mental fatigue

To pre-register, email Gina at or call 415-858-2417

Gina is a Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, and RYT 200 hour Yoga Instructor, and Spiritual Counselor using a wide range of holistic modalities that capture the true healing potential in everyone. Weaving together yoga, restorative bodywork, energetics, breath, and mindfulness, Gina helps facilitate each student to set up a solid foundation “on and off the mat” to create a life that is rich with all possibilities and understanding of one’s true nature as well as a greater sense of compassion for everyone, starting with yourself.

You can reach Gina at or check out her web site:


Independence Day Yoga with Mary June Thompson

Join Mary June Thompson for our only class on July 4th. Mary June will be leading an all levels class with gentle stretching and movement. Everyone is welcome!

Mary June came to yoga over a decade ago in hopes of finding peace during a very stressful time in her life. Not only did she find peace on the mat, but so much more. Discovering the strength and resiliency of the mind, body, and spirit through yoga fueled a life journey that ultimately led to the fulfillment of a dream by becoming a certified yoga teacher through the K10 Yoga School. Helping people find balance and healing both on and off the mat is Mary June’s passion. She is completely dedicated to a holistic lifestyle and loves sharing information with others about ways we can make healthier choices in every aspect of our lives. A self-taught chef as well as a former food writer and cooking class instructor, Mary June enjoys preparing healthy, creative meals from scratch for her family and friends. She is also an avid gardener, committed to aiding and protecting the pollinators; an amateur herbalist who makes many of her own home remedies and skin care products; loves to travel, especially to the Caribbean; and enjoys spending time with her husband and three fur babies.

Connect with Mary June via email: 



July 4th — Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th!

Mary June will hold our only class today at 930 – 10:30 AM. Join her for some gentle movement and stretching!

Veterans are invited to attend any class for free today!

See our calendar for a list of classes. We hope to host you today and honor your service to our nation.