Free Yoga Class with Patty


Sponsored by DOOR and PattyYoga & meditation

Saturday, May 19, 2018 • 1:00 p.m.

Oak Ridge Public Library Conference Room • 1401 Oak Ridge Turnpike • Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Patricia Doughtery, RYT CYT – Clinical Therapeutic Practitioner, is the instructor.

Email your name to  or call 865-227-9123 to register to attend.

Please bring a yoga mat and full-size towel.  Bottled water will be provided.

Yoga for the Healing of the Nervous System after Trauma or Prolonged Stress

What: in this 3 hour-long workshop we will review the impact of chronic stress on the autonomic nervous system, explore state of your nervous system, and learn different tools from yoga for rehabilitation. You will leave with the handout on different practices to use at home and a link to the video of the rehabilitative yoga practice.

For who: Anyone, who is in the process of healing from prolonged and/or chronic stress, and whose nervous system needs additional support

When: June 2, 2018, Saturday from 1 to 4 pm

Where: Breezeway Yoga, 4830 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919

Facilitator: Irina Diyankova, Ph.D., RYT-200, a psychologist in private practice specializing in the treatment of complex & developmental trauma

How much: $45 when registered in advance online; $50 at the door; $10 discount to active military, police, first responders, and veterans

To register: (will open May 14)

For questions contact Irin:



Mother’s Day Yoga with Mathu Sutharshan

A Celebration of Motherhood with Yoga

Friday, May 11th, 11:00AM (40 Minutes)

Mother’s Day yoga, child and mom led workshop (3-10 years) $15 for mom and child, $7 for additional child

Class includes:
Time for gratitude • Story with poses • Partner poses • Moms will learn benefits of poses and applications • Seal connection

Text to register 918-859-7475,

Neurobiology of Embodiment – with Kristine Kaoverii Weber

You can’t be alive without a body so of course we are all “embodied.” 

But embodiment is not black and white – there’s a continuum and the better embodied you are, the greater your contentment and health.
So April 14 and 15 we’ll get down to it – we’re going to explore how embodiment looks and feels, and the neurobiologic mechanisms which underlie embodiment.
James Joyce famously describes disembodiment in his lonely character of Mr. Duffy: “He lived at a little distance from his body.” Mr. Duffy could be that student in the back of yoga class who can’t quite seem to figure out where his left foot is.
BTW, that student is no anomaly, all of us need more embodiment. 
What does it mean to be better embodied? Basically it means having a better relationship with your body. It doesn’t necessarily mean being a great athlete, dancer, or yoga performer, it means learning to listen, to engage in easeful movement and posture, and particularly, it means learning to embody ahimsa, or kindness towards yourself.
Embodiment is a skill you can develop. But unfortunately, most of us didn’t learn it in school. 
Embodiment is something we can always improve and IMHO, it gets better with age. I’d love you to join me April 14-15 and learn some of the skills I’ve honed and developed over the years to help my students improve their embodiment skills.
You’ll learn techniques that help to reduce inflammation, improve chronic conditions, elicit neuroplasticity, and lead to greater health and well-being. You’ll learn how to rewire maladaptive movement patterns and develop a deeper, kinder relationship with your body. 

This workshop is for you if you struggle with (or work with folks who struggle with):

  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Chronic conditions including pain
  • Autoimmune challenges
  • Addictive tendencies


If you haven’t signed up for this workshop yet – you really should. It’s going to be fun, full of experiential practices, and the latest research on the neurobiology of yoga. I love geeking out on yoga research and you are going to get the gems!
Hurry it’s already half full and, if the previous 3 Subtle Yoga Community Workshops are any indication, we expect it to sell out. Can’t wait to see you there!

If you love slow, subtle movement and the amazing benefits it gives you then you will love this workshop.

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“Rise and Shine” with Mark Drake

“Rise and Shine” incorporates elements of both yoga and qigong to activate and circulate your body’s internal life force.  This gentle yet stimulating class will leave you feeling energized and grounded for your day to come.

Mark has been teaching yoga for 20-plus years in the varied landscapes of California, Iowa, and now Tennessee.  In addition to yoga, he also holds certifications in qigong, polarity therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, and acupressure, bringing an eclectic knowledge and experience to the classroom.  Mark is also available for private energy balancing sessions.


Spring Detox & Rejuvenation Workshop

Spring Detox & Rejuvenation Workshop

How to Use Food, Juices and Yoga to Renew and Restore Your Health

Saturday, April 7th  |   1:30PM – 6:00PM

You will learn:

• How to detox and rejuvenate with juices and food
• The best foods and herbs to prevent cold and flu
• The most effective herbs to deal with stress
• Yoga poses for digestion and the immune system
• How to lose weight with juices, food and yoga
• Food and herbs for a healthy heart
• The secrets behind an alkaline diet vs the ketogenic diet
And more….
The workshop will be led by Ramesh Bjonnes of the Prama Institute.
Ramesh is a meditation teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, author, and the Director of the Prama Wellness Center. He studied yoga therapy in Nepal and India, Ayurvedic Medicine at California College of Ayurveda and naturopathic detox therapy at the AM Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines. He is the author of four books, and he lives with his wife Radhika in the mountains near Asheville, NC.
Cost is $60. Connect with Patty to reserve your spot:
text / call 865-951-6024 or email:

AcroYoga Lunar Series

AcroYoga Lunar Series

Dates: Thursdays, Starting March 1st (5 weeks)
Time: 7:30-9:00pm
Investment: $75
Register: us for a beginner level, five week series focusing on the healing arts of self-care, Thai Massage & Therapeutic Flying where we will cultivate deeper communication, trust, and connection.More Details:
Lunar AcroYoga focuses on the healing, relaxing and rejuvenating practices of Thai Massage and Therapeutic Flying. Using portions of the Lunar Asana Sequence, students will learn basic body mechanics for offering Thai Massage. The techniques learned on the floor are then translated to the flying work, using the element of gravity to amplify the healing flow of prana (life force).

Yoga for You with Jennie Berger

Yoga for You  |  Sundays, 9:00-10:00AM

Sunday. Yoga. You. Three words that go together like peas and carrots…and potatoes. 😉 Get the most out of your Sunday and join Jennie for this fun and encouraging class. Incorporating a blend of yoga styles and poses to accommodate any and all levels of practitioner—This is *Yoga For You*.  We’ll offer posture breakdowns and modifications along with more vigorous options to take your practice to the next level, if you wish to. There will also be opportunities to explore the deeper, internal dynamics of a pose and how it feels within your own body. Discover your edge and work to it. Be kind and patient with yourself. Leave class with a calmer mind and spirit, a strong supple body, and a gentle heart. Make Sunday count!

Jennie Berger, RYT 200

It was clear from an early age that Jennie and yoga were destined for one another. A youth gymnast, she also dabbled in various forms of dance and eventually, in 1993, found a local yoga studio in town and took her first class. She instantly fell in love and over the 20 plus years that followed has continued to explore various types of yoga styles and teachers around the world.

Jennie’s training is rooted in classic Ashtanga yet she’s not very traditional when it comes to yoga, or life for that matter. 😉 She adores stirring her own blend of colors into every class and sees each practice as a blank canvas with the opportunity to paint any picture you want. This is, after all, your practice. She has a deep passion for animals, music, health and nutrition, and wants nothing more than to share her love of yoga with others.

Candlelight Restorative with Gina Baker

This special restorative yoga class will rest your mind and reset your body through various gentle and restful poses to ease back into your body. Plan to celebrate the darkness of the solstice and call in the light through a room filled with gentle candlelight and sweet music to set the tone for a blissful experience.

$30 per person, $50 for a couple
Sign up and pay here:
Or — feel free to call or text Gina to sign up: 415-858-2417