Introduction to Tai Chi – 8 week series

May 6, 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm
Breezeway Yoga Studio
4830 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
$120 for the 8 week series
Russell Sauls

Introduction to Chen Style Tai Chi

$120 for the 8-week series beginning May 6, 2019

You are invited to join Lao Shi (“Teacher”) Russell Sauls in the practice of traditional Chen Village Style Tai Chi. Come enjoy a unique approach to Health, Fitness, Meditation, and, at the intermediate level, Self-Defense.

This eight-week series begins on May 6 at 6:15PM. Class is limited to 10 students. RSVP by email to

his ancient Chinese art is a unique method of whole-body exercise which especially enhances dynamic balance,  leg strength, and power developed from the core.

When mental and physical activity is in harmony with inner stillness, the Way of Tai Chi manifests as an exercise of Presence. Mindful movement expresses meditation in motion. Now the internal energy, the Qi, is activated and circulates freely. The Life Force becomes more robust and radiant.

About Master Russell Sauls:

  •  50th year practicing Martial Arts
  • Specializing in Tai Chi & Baguazhang for last 39 years

Master Russell SaulsUS Chinese Martial Arts Council National Champion

  • 1st Place – Wu Style TaiChi
  • 1st Place – Baguazhang

USKA Grand Nationals

  • 1st Place – Chinese Weapons (Bagua Sword)
  • 1st Place – Chinese Empty-Hand Forms

Russell has trained with Chen Tai Chi Master Wang Haijun since 2003:

  • All-China National Tai Chi Champion
  • 1st Place Empty-Hand Form, Sword, and Push Hands (3 consecutive years)


Russell Sauls is offers Level 2 Tai Chi at Breezeway and Level 1 Tai Chi at Balanced You Studios, 6712 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919. Maximum of 8 participants.

Private Lessons are available. For more information, email

 Qi Gong is the Chinese art of Life Force Cultivation. The Level 1 practices that Russell teaches consist of 4 components:

(1) Ba Duan Jin (“8 Brocades” or “8 Treasures”)    

This set of exercises is documented to be at least 2300 years old. Connective tissue stiffness is replaced with youthful pliability. Helps to clear stagnation of Qi. 

(2) Dantien (“Field of Precious Elixir”) Qigong.   Major Qi centers are awakened & balanced via breath training, visualizations, & mindful movement. 

(3) Joint releases. A set of circular movements handed down from Tai Chi masters that release bound energy of the joints. 


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