Yoga for healing is a trauma informed yoga class that focuses on creating a safe, sensitive space for all students. Practicing yoga in a safe space led by a trained and trauma informed yoga teacher can be beneficial to healing from trauma and other mental health issues.

First, trauma informed yoga allows students to have choices about their body and how it moves during the practice. Next, it can increase how they understand and sense their body both internally and externally. Furthermore, it can allow them to notice the present moment and how it is different from the past. Finally, it can assist students in gaining mastery over emotional regulation.

This approach acknowledges that any student coming to a class may have experienced trauma, so all classes are taught with specific trauma informed principles in mind. The class is led by a licensed mental health professional who has been trained in creating the necessary space for healing.

Lindsey is a licensed mental health professional and yoga is a beautiful and important part of her self care and often recommends yoga to her clients. An avid runner, Lindsey has found yoga to be a nice balance to training and feels like her mat is a safe and grounding place to find a sense of calm. Bridging yoga and mental health seemed like a way to have the best of both worlds and after seeing how much the current research supports yoga as an adjunct to healing trauma, Lindsey began looking for a trauma informed yoga teacher training program. Lindsey received her 200 hour certification through K10 yoga school and became registered with Yoga Alliance in May of 2019. When Lindsey is not seeing clients, running, or practicing yoga, you can find her with her husband of 8 years, who is an ultra marathoner, and her two precious and wild children, Benton and Nora.

Please visit Lindsey’s website at to learn more about her class offering and if you are ready to begin your healing journey.