Jenna is a Florida transplant and has been with Breezeway studio since 2014. She has built the foundation of her practice by traveling all over the world to sacred lands and learning the wisdom of yoga while being immersed in the rich culture of ancient civilizations. She teaches yoga at retreats internationally, and offers group classes as well as private lessons while in the U.S. Each class is unique and reflects her travels, pooling different techniques and breath work from each of the multiple facets of yoga. 

Jenna also offers therapeutic massage at Breezeway and Balanced You Studios by appointment. She aims to work closely with clients who are passionate about taking charge of their health and longevity by giving them a better awareness of their body. Jenna specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage, and incorporates yoga, breath work, and simple meditation techniques to assist in a holistic approach to healing the body.

Connect with Jenna via text: (407) 913-1133. or email: .