Karen Rodgers

Karen offers Yin yoga on Wednesday at 1:30PM.

Yin is a healing practice that increases mobility in the joints, ligaments and fascial networks. This passive practice moves one into stillness, allowing healthful benefits to occur in the body as well as the mind.
This Yin practice provides the opportunity to slow down and give yourself the ultimate gift, the gift of creating space in the body and the mind that may not have been there before. Take the time to connect with the present moment, and notice how your perspective begins to shift.

This challenging practice will leave you relaxed, energized and mindfully at peace.

Karen started on her fitness journey more than 30 years ago: Body Building, Aerobics, Tennis, Personal Training, Spin, Pilates and finally YOGA. Encouraged by her instructors, she began training and became a certified teacher in group fitness, including most of the disciplines noted above. For Yoga specifically, she has completed three 200 hour RYT sessions to date, with an emphasis in Hatha, Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga. Karen is motivated to continue teaching and learning in order to help her clients live their lives with confidence and self empowerment.

Connect with Karen via email: rodgerskm@aol.com