I started on my fitness journey 30 years ago; Body Building, Aerobics, Tennis, Personal Training, Spin, Pilates, and finally YOGA.

I accidentally fell into teaching, started training in all the above disciplines, and became a certified instructor. For yoga specifically, I have completed two 200 RYT sessions, with a strong emphasis on Hatha, Karma, Jnana, and Bhakti Yoga. I knew, even way back then, that I belong in that role.  My desire to watch and teach and help people breakthrough and become strong and confident are my motivation.

It is amazing to see the physical, mental and emotional shifts that people make through exercise.

Everything I trained for before yoga, was my preparation for yoga.  Yoga finds us when we are ready. I have tried to “gently force” people into yoga (cause I know how good it is), but truly you have to let it find you.

Those who are inflexible, need yoga to become more flexible.

Those who are weak, need yoga to become strong.

Those who are stressed, need yoga to become relaxed.

Hopefully, we will meet each other on the mat.  I truly look forward to it.