Stephanie Soldano 200-RYT

Ever since she was a young child Stephanie has always been exceptionally active. She was in a professional performing show choir for over 10 years singing, dancing, and traveling as far as New York for competitions. She indulged in the art of dance participating in tap, modern, and jazz in the Dance & Performing arts studio in her hometown of Oak Ridge. She played competitive soccer, and developed a love for running as she grew older. She ran Track, Cross Country, and participated in Knoxville Track Club year round. Sustaining injury just before college she turned to swimming her senior year. Her passion for endurance based sports fueled her drive. When she began college, she placed all her energy in her education. Setting aside her passion for sports and the performing arts. Through her pursuit in the Biological Sciences at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, she developed an interest in how the human body reacts, moves, and functions.

While remaining a fulltime student, she worked three jobs. Her employment included a position in the service industry, a personal tutor employed by the university, and she taught at UTK for three years. She was a Supplemental Instruction Leader whose curriculum included Biology, Calculus, Physics,and her greatest passion Organic Chemistry. After receiving a B.S. in Biochemistry, Cellular, & Molecular Biology, she began a career in research at Oak Ridge National Labs. Switching her focus from the human body to plant physiology. As a Research Assistant she worked in a Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry lab, and became a member of the Bio-Energy & Science Center research team with a concentration on Biofuels and more. She became submerged in her work. After surviving some trauma in her life she had lost sight of how to love. She had removed all activities from her life. She missed feeling the freedom to move in her body, the feeling of confidence, love, encouraging others, and just general human interaction. So she made one of the hardest decisions so far in her life. She left the Lab with no idea how to find herself but knew a change would bring new horizons. She became a mixologist at Post Modern Spirits & Distillery, where she now works as a manager. She has made her own spirit now bottled and sold on the shelves the Amaro Artemisia. In love with where life has brought her, she starting taking Thrive Functional Fitness classes and participated in Yoga in the community.

Yoga stole her heart offering her a spiritual and physically embodied experience, where there is always something to learn and share. Rather than competition, she learned how to honor her body, seek challenge, set aside her distractions, and connect her breath with movement. Where her experience is always what she chooses it to be each day. She fell in love with the spiritual connection, the history, the philosophy, the anatomy, the science of the body, and the physical challenge of Asana. The embodied experience helped her find contentment in the discomfort, and taught her how to be present in each moment life has to offer.

With a desire to share these tools that changed her life, she received her 200 RYT certification through K10 Yoga School at Unity Yoga Studio . Embracing all that the practice of Yoga has shown her thus far on and off the mat. Currently, her passion in the physical Asana practice lies in Flow, Power Flow, and Vinyasa Flow. However, as she continues her education she plans to diversify her guidance. Overjoyed to continue her education in accordance with Yoga Alliance, she is enrolled in the Advanced 300 hr training. Honored and excited to guide safe, mindful, and embodied experiences to come.

Power Vinyasa

This 60 minute Power Vinyasa flows through foundational poses to strengthen the body and the mind. Connecting the breath with movement and intention. This power flow will build endurance, strength, balance, and allow the body to move freely with fluidity. It will allow a healthy release of tension, and you will develop a positive means to channel your energy within. You will find challenge and deepen your practice physically and emotionally. You will practice skills to utilize on and off your mat. So, take one moment of each day to honor your body, and create a safe, mindful, and embodied practice. Join me.