Stretch and Flow Yoga with Mary June Thompson, RYT-500

Stretch & Flow Yoga — Find a beautiful balance between stretching and movement during our time together. Recognizing that many of us experience chronic tension, tightness, and/or lack of flexibility, this class blends poses that stretch, lengthen, and strengthen muscles with elements of a traditional flow class–such as sun salutation/warrior variations and balancing poses–creating a whole-body experience on the mat. This gentle yet invigorating practice is for everyone, regardless of experience or ability.

Mary June Thompson, RYT 500, is a dedicated long-time practitioner who believes in the ability of yoga to align body, mind, and spirit, relieve stress, and improve overall health and quality of life at any age. She loves teaching yoga to help others receive these benefits. Off the mat, she is also a self-taught chef, herbalist, avid gardener, and holistic health expert who enjoys spending time with her husband and fur babies and soaking up the sun on a beach whenever possible.

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