Enjoy a winter afternoon of blissful, sacred chanting and heart-opening poses! Bhakti Yoga awakens the chakras and is the acknowledgement of ourselves in others. In this workshop, give voice to your heart and practice with others to purify your mind and love more deeply with each other. 

In this Chant Camp experience, we’ll study traditional Indian vocal practices, learning how to awaken your chakras, giving voice to your heart and learning how to deepen your stand in life through your word. In practice, together with kirtan, japa, and prayers to the great saints, divine sight within us all, lets us open our hearts to inner leaves of love.

Love offering: $40

To register for the series or for more information, contact Ajeet: ajeetlotus@gmail.com

Keeping our Studio a Healthy Place to Practice

Practicing Mindfulness Always

While we are all aware of the caution necessitated by the coronavirus, we are asking for your help in keeping our studios a safe place for all to practice.

  1. If you are coughing or feeling sick, please stay home out of respect for your fellow classmates. We’ve asked the same of your teachers.
  2. If you are coughing in class, please excuse yourself. Allergy season has arrived and we ask if you are sneezing please be mindful and use your shoulder or into your elbow as a protective shield from others.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after class. We will additionally have hand sanitizer available around the studio.
  4. Please bring your mat and as many of your own props to class as you can. As a precaution, we will not be offering mats or eye pillows for studio use. We will provide mat cleaner if you choose to clean your mat afterwards.
  5. We have a cleaning protocol in place and will continue to do our very best to keep our beautiful studio a safe and healthy environment.

These are all positive habits in general, and are especially timely right now. Practice Mindfulness!!

We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation. Get lots of rest, stay well nourished and hydrated, and use all of your immune boosting tinctures and remedies! Keeping up regular healthy habits (like meditation and yoga) are just as important in helping prevent illness.

Another option for your practice — visit JillBartine.com 

You can view a wide variety of class offerings from gentle to vinyasa, yin, and chair yoga.

Acupuncture options at Balanced You Clinic

Rebekah Knause, L.Ac., LMT, RYT  graduated from Jung Tao School of Chinese Medicine and is now offering acupuncture appointments at Balanced You Clinic located at 6512 Baum Drive, Suite 12 in Bearden. To schedule an acupuncture session with Rebekah, call 865-888-5342.




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