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Women’s Breathwork + Sound Bowl Journey

Sunday, December 3rd, 11:00am-12:30pm

with Intuit Women’s Wellness

Immerse yourself in the holistic practice of breathwork, meditation, and the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls.

This Transformational session combines these 3 powerful modalities to create a harmonic and deeply rejuvenating experience for mind, body, and spirit.

Learn various techniques to harness the power of intentional breathing. Through guided instructions and gentle encouragement, you will experience deep diaphragmatic breathing, breath holds, and rapid continuous breaths -designed to activate the body’s relaxation response, release, and create a state of inner balance.

Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, this class offers a safe and supportive space for personal growth and healing. You will be gently guided through this session, ensuring you feel comfortable, nurtured, and empowered.

Investment: $33

Registration Required:

Sound Immersion with Cecily

Saturday, December 30th, 7-8pm


Songbird Sound Healing and Breezeway Yoga are hosting a collaborative meditative experience. Come join in, relax, and be guided to a renewed spirit.
This 60-minute session will lead you through a soothing sound healing journey. Set your intention, close your eyes, and be carried by the healing vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls, quartz crystals, gongs, vocals, drums, and more. The use of these instruments may deepen your meditation and open the pathway to healing. To fully embrace this experience, please allow some extra time to get settled in before the Sound Immersion begins.

For more information and/or to register for an event, email Cecily at:
Cost is $25

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