Practice anytime with patty — Yoga Basics with patty, season 1 is available on YouTube


Another option for your stay-at-home practice — visit 

You can view a wide variety of class offerings from gentle to vinyasa, yin, and chair yoga.


Laura Clingan invites you to view and practice via her online classes — visit 


Chair yoga — 50 minutes — 9:30AM

Monday and Wednesday. 50 minute yoga class with chair.

Gentle exercise — 45 minutes – 11:00AM

Monday and Wednesday. 45 minute gentle exercise class using a chair, 2 hand weights, a resistance band, and a ball. Any ball will work. If you don’t have a resistance band or ball, I will offer other options.

Gentle Movement & Stretching – 60 minutes — 4:30PM

Monday and Wednesday. Move, stretch, rest, and recharge. This class will include gentle movement to warm up your body as well as longer held stretches to relax and restore. Hint: Have a pillow and blanket handy.

Strength. Balance. Breath. — 60 minutes — 10:00AM

This 60 minute practice focuses on sequences of foundational poses while linking movement with breath to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and focus.

Introducton to Power Yoga – 60 — 8:30AM

Thursday. Learn the basics of Vinyasa (flow), practice foundational poses, develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.