I had a great experience and great success getting acupuncture from Rebekah Knause at Balanced You studio.  We worked long term on a number of pretty entrenched and dramatic issues, the first of which was overall joint pain and stiffness.  It took a number of sessions, but I really noticed a big change in fluidity and decreased pain.  We also tackled hot flashes/night sweats.  Again, we had number of sessions dealing solely with this and again, I noticed a lessening of symptoms over time.

Additionally, we focused on severe tinnitus.  The acupuncture didn’t make it go away, but I did experience some temporary relief.  I think that someone with a less profound tinnitus will experience much better results.

I also feel like I really need to point out that I’m pretty needle-phobic and sensitive.  Rebekah really took this on board and was great in using tiny needles and being very soothing and alert to any discomfort.

If you haven’t had acupuncture done before, and even if you have, I would highly recommend Rebekah.

Jolie Gaston


Rebekah Knause is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is extremely kind and very intuitive. She put me at ease right away since this was my first experience with acupuncture. I felt a huge change after my first treatment and I am officially a believer in this eastern medicine modality. That is saying  a lot since I am a registered nurse.

Response from the owner:

Thank you so much for your review, Eileen. It is such a great joy to share this wonderful medicine and it is a great honor to hear a western practitioner as your self being open to an Eastern approach.


Erika W.

I have been going to this studio for acupuncture sessions for the past month and already feel wonderful results.  My energy level has increased, back pain has gone down, and the list goes on.  I have also received a shiatsu massage.

Response from the owner:

Thank you for the wonderful feedback! We appreciate your dedication to getting healthy from the inside out and we are alongside you on your journey of being the healthiest you can be.


Christopher N.

I’ve gone to Balanced You for nearly 2 years now for massage therapy and acupuncture. Rebekah is absolutely amazing and is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and finding the source of bodily dysfunction.

Response from the owner:

Thank you, Chris! It has been a great journey with you in helping your back and now the acid reflux! Acupuncture is such a great medicine. We are so glad you are better and don’t have to suffer any longer:)


David C.

Rebekah was fantastic with my elbow injury.  Acupuncture decreased the pain and increased my range of motion in just a couple of sessions.  Also, my daughter had strained a quad from soccer and acupuncture made a dramatic difference.

Response from the owner:

That is fantastic David! We are so pleased that you and your daughter responded so quickly with acupuncture! It is such a great modality for pain and much much more!


Mark D.

Rebekah Knause is a truly skilled and compassionate acupuncturist who is helping me to resolve some of my core issues. I feel a great sense of relief and equilibrium after a session with her!

Response from the owner:

That is fantastic Mark! Thank you for trusting me with your care and I am so thankful for being a part your healing process!