Yoga for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes with Jennifer Ward

According to the CDC, 10.5% of the U.S. Population has diabetes and over 34% of the adult population is pre-diabetic. With these numbers steadily rising, the outlook might feel daunting at the least, and perhaps overwhelming at the worst. But there is hope! Study after study indicates that yoga may be an effective tool in diabetes management. 

This class will be a full yoga practice, meaning we will focus on the breath, move our bodies, and include a few minutes to meditate. We will do all the things! Each class will vary but we will spend approximately 5 minutes on pranayama (breath work), 50 minutes on postures, and 5 minutes on meditation. No yoga experience is necessary to enjoy the benefits of this practice.


My name is Jennifer Ward and I’m a 48 year old yoga teacher. That’s right, I said 48. I came to yoga with no athletic prowess or Cirque du Soleil type flexibility. I couldn’t even touch my toes. But I’m here to tell you, we can all do yoga. Your journey won’t be the same as mine. You will have postures that are easier and you will have postures that are more challenging. But I have spent the last 10 years pursuing my passion for yoga and I know we can create a great journey for you and your one unique body, mind, and spirit.  (Also, I’m a tremendous animal lover.  When you practice with me, you help feed a shelter pet.)

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