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Cultivating Calm in Times of Crisis

I don’t know about you, but this past week my emotions have been jostling each other like contestants on a reality show. I’ve been sad, happy, angry, joyful, content, fearful, empathic, hurt, grieving, blissful, ashamed, anxious, and much more – sometimes within seconds of each other. I’ve also wondered at various times throughout the day. […]

Want to Relax? Try Yoga

Originally posted here  Stress is ever present. Fortunately, we’ve got yoga, which is proven to help reduce stress and the health effects it causes. The best part? You don’t need any prior experience to benefit from the practice. Whether you are at home, work or somewhere in between, yoga is always here to help you […]

How Toning the Vagus Nerve Heals Pain

This article was originally published here. A few simple practices that everyone can do, could be the secret to relieving pain and inflammation. In her article Hacking the Nervous System, Gaia Vince, science journalist and editor of New Scientist, describes how a woman suffering from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis was successfully treated with a device that […]

How to Feel More Calm and Connected Right Now

Originally published here on Yogalicious Namaste, To connect and check-in with my students, I have long opened my yoga classes offering the general question,  “How are you today?” Most often, as one student shares an answer, many others agree that they too feel similarly.  With the news reports of the past few weeks, it is no […]

One class and one jog

Just one yoga class and one jogging session a week can HALVE your risk of heart disease Researchers from HG SMS Hospital in Jaipur, India, studied how a combination of yoga and aerobic exercise can impact the health  They tested 750 patients who already had cardiovascular disease  The combination of yoga and aerobic exercise lowered […]