WORKSHOP: Bone broth in a healthy diet • The Paleo diet • Making your own probiotics with fermented vegetables

Presented by Samantha Carithers and Libby Stancell

Sunday, April 26th, 1-3PM


Join Samantha of Willy’s Butcher Shop for Bone Broth 101Willy's-Butcher-Shop-Logo-c (2)-1

Samantha Carithers of Willy’s Butcher Shop will get to the “meat of it” and share why bone broth is so beneficial and will lead a discussion about how the Paleo Diet and probiotics have changed her life.


Samantha Carithers, MPH

Samantha began her health journey when, as a youth, she became a professional ballet dancer with the Nashville City Ballet. From there she earned her Masters in Public Health from the University of Tennessee. Always passionate about food and nutrition, Samantha’s food journey landed her owningWilly’s Butcher Shop in Knoxville TN. Samantha’s food philosophy is that healthy foods can and must taste delicious, and she tries to reflect both in the butcher shop! A busy and working mother of two, Samantha understands the challenges in finding time to cook, and aims to aid people in making healthy food convenient as well. Willy’s Butcher Shop focuses on natural, integrated, clean meat for everyday cooking up to gourmet meals. Samantha’s special interest is in healing foods such as Bone Broth andin-house made pork sausage for “Paleo” focused eating. When not in the butcher shop, Samantha enjoys scheduling in a good yoga class, prayerful meditation, and keeping up with her two daughters, dog, and busy husband.


Libby Stancell demonstrates how to make fermented vegetablesfermented-sauerkraut_SML

Libby is an advocate for sustainable growth and works tirelessly planting and tending her own organic garden as well as volunteering at Care of the Earth Community Farm CSA. Libby will introduce us to the basics of fermenting veggies, making Kombucha and Kefir and how they can benefit your diet.

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