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Welcome! It’s Safe To Land Here

I recently had the opportunity to share Restorative Yoga with Mindful Magazine’s Senior Editor, Kelle Walsh.After our session we sat down to talk about — the healing conditions that we cultivate for our body, mind and spirit – when we allow our bodies to be held, completely, by the support that is underneath our body and allow our breath to flow freely through us.This meeting turned into a featured article in this month’s Issue of Mindful Magazine. Here is just a short teaser of a deep and beautiful exploration of the practice that Kelle shares from her own experience.

KSO and Yoga at The Mill & Mine

If you’re looking for a little music to go with your next yoga session, how about considering bringing in the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra to perform a few tunes? That’s precisely what happened October 4th at Mill and Mine. The orchestra put on a little night music while instructors from multiple yoga studios led movements as […]

Try Yoga For Golfers

Yoga is for everyone, and a new methodology aims to help one specific group of sportsmen (and women)… Golfers! The Yoga For Golfers founder, Katherine Roberts, has developed this methodology by focusing on the biomechanics of the body and how it specifically relates to each plane of motion through the golf swing. She addresses body […]