Body, Mind and Soul Full Day Retreat

Gina Baker

Gina Baker

Friday, March 11 – 9:30AM – 6PM

Hosted by Gina Baker and Caroline Munday

During this one-day retreat you will learn:

• Helpful stress management exercises
• Techniques to help stay focused and centered during our daily distractions
• Reset our bodies and mind from the winter blahs
• Powerful meditation on raising your happiness set points
• Energy medicine techniques
• Sacred ceremony welcoming the Spring Equinox
• Surrender, release, and unwind your body through yoga and body awareness

Caroline Munday

Caroline Munday

Call or text Gina at (415-858-2417) to request a space.
$125 per participant – EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION (By Feb. 26th): $115

WORKSHOP: Yoga for Jaw Tension (TMJ) with Gina Baker

Yoga for Jaw Tension

Presented by Gina Baker

Do you clench your jaw or grind your teeth? Do you experience headaches and neck pain? This workshop is for you!

Jaw Tension also known as TMJ or TMD (Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction) is a very common and often painful condition that affects a large portion of the population that cause tension and disfunction in the body that often compromise the nervous system and  cause additional problems.

This workshop was inspired through Gina’s CranioSacral practice after working with thousands of patients suffering from TMD.

In this workshop you will learn:

  Relieving pressure point techniques

  Simple asana sequence to release face and jaw muscles

  Self care techniques to encourage the body to relax

  Simple meditation to help release the thinking mind so you can

release tension in the whole body

Call or text Gina at (415-858-2417) to request a space.  $35 early bird special — $40 after January 17th.

Thai Massage Workshop with Phoebe Diftler

This is a two-hour Guided Thai Massage Experience. Phoebe will guide you through giving and receiving a Thai Massage Therapy session. Sunday, January 31, 1-3PM.

Starting at the feet and working up to the head, the technique combines Trigger Point Treatments, Deep Pressure, Massage, Yoga Poses, and Energy Work, as well as other techniques. Wear loose fitting clothes, come with a partner, or meet one at the workshop!

Connect with Patty, 951- 6024 or to sign up for this wonderful workshop!

$30 per person.