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WORKSHOP: Yoga for Winter Blues

Yoga for Winter Blues Workshop taught by Dr. Irina Diyankova  This workshop is for anyone who tends to get down during winter. Whether you experience just a little bit of sadness or fatigue at times or a full blown clinical depression, you can benefit from the practices taught in this session. We will cover a wide range of yogic pauses, […]

Restorative Workshop with Athena Engelman

December 6th, 3:00-6:00PM This special restorative workshop will be led by Patty Dougherty’s teacher, Athena Engelman, a world-class instructor and facilitator. This workshop is for the student who is looking for a deeper understanding of their restorative practice. You’ll learn how to bring the restorative poses explored in class into your home practice. Restorative poses […]

Om Alone

BY MARK EPSTEIN Originally posted here in Yoga Journal The yoga class was just beginning, and I had not been coming for very long. I was pretty much in my own world and concerned with getting myself set up properly. The class was a little late getting started, and we were all lined up expectantly […]

Let’s Be Honest

by Sally Kempton, originally published here in Yoga Journal There’s an old joke about two American Mafia enforcers who are on a mission to recover money from a Russian drug dealer. The Russian speaks no English, so the Americans take along a Russian-speaking accountant to translate. One of the enforcers holds a gun to the […]

Create a Life You Love!

Reconnect with the source of your happiness. By Nora Isaacs (originally posted here in Yoga Journal) There are times when you know just what to do, and life seems to rise up and support you and your ideas. And then there are times when it is all a little murky, and you might feel a […]